Book Talk: Prince Caspian – Be the Leader You Are

A very dear friend was in a horrific car accident the other day. And what’s she saying about it?

• How grateful she is to be alive.

• How important it is for her to step up and live her Purpose – because none of us knows how long we have here, on Earth, to DO it.

• How excited she is about the messages she’s received in the relative short time (about 48 hours) since the crash.

I’ve been in a life altering car accident. I know the pain and what the road to a pain-free body looks like. I admire this woman and am honored to call her my friend.


Prince CaspianAfter a lengthy texting conversation, I reach for my book: Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis. Sometimes I can be so linear. I want to finish this book, so I can get on to the next book on my list (or in my pile). Ha! Literally the storyline is taking me to the four children turned Kings and Queens when they are in Narnia. The youngest, Lucy, of course, has the most faith – and she is not listened to, taken seriously or believed by the others – because she is the youngest. They lose a whole day wandering around in the forest because they did not listen to her wisdom.

SHE sees Aslan all the time. SHE believes. (Aslan, you will recall, is the Christed figure in the series, Chronicles of Narnia.)

When the group comes back to the starting point (who has not been THERE?), she sees Aslan and goes to meet him. She learns the best choice would have been to do what she knew to be right and true yesterday, – even if that meant going alone. But all she has is now. Let’s begin again.

She is set to the task and she says to herself: “I mustn’t think about it; I must just do it.”

She gets the others and becomes their leader – because SHE can see the Lion – and she fixes her gaze upon Him.

Do you see the analogy?

Be the Leader – step into your Calling – and keep your eyes fixed on It. Others, as they follow the Truth of your Leadership, your example, will eventually see and know what you See and Know! People will be inspired by how you choose to show up and they, in turn, will step fully into their role as well.  – How exciting is THAT?!

Your courage becomes a beginning point for not only you, but others. Only YOU can fulfill your calling. If YOU don’t, it won’t get done. And we all lose out on experiencing the richness of what you have to offer.




  1. Marita! Beautiful and I love the analogy here that you being up. There have been many lessons and messages I’ve heard since the accident and above all it is a reminder that I’m still here and for a reason. We all have something beautiful to share and we have to step up and keep sharing it. Through the immense pain I’m experiencing, I’m still continuously, and loudly, told to keep going. We don’t need an accident for this reminder…just a voice within telling us to keep going. Sending you so much love!!!! Hugs xoxo Jen

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